Shot Blasting & Industrial Painters in Coventry & London

With over 25 years experience Intercity Contractors specialise in providing onsite shot blasting services (formerly Sand Blasting) for domestic and industry projects across the Midlands/London. We also specialise in industrial floor painting, professional carpark painting, industrial painting & spraying and Intumescent/Protecting Painting services. For more information please contact us.

Shot Blasting In Coventry & London 2

Mobile Shot / Sand Blasting

Shot Blasting (formerly Sand Blasting) is an extremely effective method of removing dirt, grime, rust or paint from metallic, wood, masonry and concrete surfaces. Shot Blasting is also perfect for restoring brickwork and buildings to their original glory.

Industrial Floor Painting

Our Industrial Painters are experts in Industrial Floor Painting, utilising professional flooring equipment, floor paints and epoxy-resin floor coatings to provide hard wearing, functional, effective and visual attractive finishes to a range of industrial floors.

Industrial Spray Painting

Industrial Spray Painting, is a broad term covering spray painting projects from shop front painting, to window & door painting, to ceiling and roof painting, to structural metal work and beam painting as examples. Our Spray Painting specialists deliver flawless coverage.

Intumescent Painting

Professional Intumescent painting offers important passive fire protection on a range of combustible building materials. Our specialists apply high quality intumescent paints to deliver a durable finish to meet your fire protection paint requirements.


With a team of experts available in Coventry and London to provide technical advice and assistance, Intercity presents the complete service package for all your Shot Blasting and Industrial Painting requirements.

Formed in 1997, Intercity has since established itself over the last 25 years as a specialist firm with a reputation for quality and a commitment to delivering the highest levels of professionalism and customer service.

Through investment in training and a dedication to this customer-focused ethos, Intercity has developed a team of skilled operatives with the capability and experience to produce unparalleled results in terms of workmanship, reliability and efficiency.

The success we have enjoyed over the years has seen the company evolve into a nationally recognised service provider with impeccable credentials and an impressive portfolio of past projects.


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    What can Epoxy Resin be used for?

    As Industrial Floor Painters, we utilise Epoxy Resin for a range of different projects such as:

    How Epoxy Resin Works

    Our specialist floor preparation equipment reverts the existing concrete floor back to a keyed surface to enable the epoxy to adhere properly. The epoxy resin coating can then be applied which solidifies into a durable surface, transforming your workspace.

    Using Epoxy Resin for Industrial Floor Painting can help to overcome problems such as uneven surfaces or dealing with slippery surfaces, to achieving areas for improved hygiene, or chemical damage resistant, or even achieving areas for toughened impact and abrasion.

    What is Industrial Floor Painting?

    Industrial Floor Painting covers many different floor painting services, such as Factory Floor Painting, Shop Floor Painting, Carpark Floor Painting, Storage Area and Warehouse Floor Painting to offer some examples. For industrial floor painting near me contact us today.

    What Areas Do You Cover?

    Our specialist teams cover the whole of the UK depending on the size of the project, although the main areas we cover are the Midlands from our Coventry Facility based just outside the Ricoh Arena and Greater London from our local London Facility. Our specialist teams are mobile so we’ll bring all our labour, equipment and supplies with us.

    What is shot blasting?

    Shot blasting is a cleaning method capable of removing dirt, graffiti, paint and rust from a wide range of surface types. Compressed air and an abrasive blasting media is used in the technique. A wide range of industries and applications are covered with shot blasting anything from industrial to domestic to a whole building or just a car.

    Sand Blasting vs Shot Blasting

    Shot blasting is still often referred to as sand blasting even though it was actually made illegal in the UK in 1999. The reason behind this is due to the risk of Silicosis, a lung disease which can be fatal caused by silica dust particles in sand. Shot blasting or grit blasting has replaced sand and uses substitute materials such as glass or steel which poses no silica risk.

    What can shot blasting be used for?

    Metal still remains as one of the most popular materials to be shot blasted. As most metals have a hard surface, shot blasting is able to remove the top layer of material without causing any permanent damage.

    Concrete is another popular material which is regularly shot blasted and is widely used in the building industry. Warehouse flooring is where this is commonly used to clean the surface ready for the application of paint or a coating. 

    Our Coventry or London based teams are able to carry out shot blasting at either our premises or your business.

    Why should you choose us?

    Our team is fully trained to use a variety of different blasting media to clean surfaces or objects. Before work is undertaken on your project, our team will ensure that your exact requirements are understood and the best media is selected for the job. If you’re looking for shot blasting in London or Coventry then feel free to contact us and our team will be more than happy to help.

    Shot Blasting Near Me

    Intercity Contractors cover the entire UK depending on what project needs completing. The main areas we cover are the Midlands from our Coventry base and the Greater London area from our London base. If you’re looking for shot blasting near me then look no further than Intercity Contractors.

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