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Intercity Contractors can provide a team of concrete floor painting contractors for your business to prevent any undue wear on your workspace floors. Contact us today with any requirements you may have and we will happily discuss what you need.

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  • Is There a Need to Paint a Concrete Floor?

Concrete is a common material used throughout factory and warehouse flooring. An unsealed concrete surface will have undue wear and tear through daily use.

Concrete floor painting has many benefits, not only from a visual standpoint but it also provides protection to the concrete and reduces dust. Any colour you require can be matched and made into a durable, cost effective concrete floor paint.

Staff safety should be at the forefront of any business, vehicles and pedestrians can be kept separate using clearly defined zones with our paint. Our concrete floor painting contractor teams are able to create these areas for your workspace, this includes pedestrian walkways, machinery areas and any vehicle bays. Adding this to your concrete floor will improve the overall safety and efficiency of your workspace.

  • How Durable is Concrete Floor Painting?

Not all specialist concrete floor coatings are available to the general public, here at Intercity we have access to these. The epoxy paints we use are capable of withstanding abrasion, visually appealing and durable.

Modern industry is constantly on the go with some factories and warehouses running 24/7, choosing a coating capable of keeping up with this demand is essential to any business. Our concrete floor coatings can withstand foot traffic and any other harsh conditions presented to it.

The specialists concrete floor painting contractors within our team have coated concrete floors in factories, warehouses, vehicle workshops and car parks amongst many more. The concrete floor painting we use is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, giving you the piece of mind of a coating which will last for years to come.

Concrete Floor Painting Contractor Services:

Epoxy Resin Floor Coating Services

Anti-Slip Floor Coating Services

Concrete Floor Repair Service

Concrete Grinding and Preparation Service

Concrete Floor Painting
  • The Benefits of Concrete Floor Painting

Ease of maintenance – Concrete is notorious for being porous and absorbing stains making it very difficult to clean, our coatings will seal your concrete floors and make cleaning up a breeze.

Cost effective – Epoxy resin coatings used in concrete floor painting are cheaper and more durable than other options on the market. Epoxy is a cost effective option for concrete flooring, it’s also very versatile as different thicknesses can be applied.

Health and safety – Accidents in the workplace happen from time to time and some can be avoided. Mixing workers with vehicles can have consequences if safety measures aren’t carried out. Creating specific zones using paint keeps your workers safe and any vehicles at a safe distance. Concrete is dusty by its nature, treating your floor with our specialist coatings will heavily reduce this.

  • Why Choose Our Concrete Floor Painting Contractors?

The specialist concrete floor painting contractors within our team are capable of laying various flooring types including the epoxy resin finishes discussed above. We offer a free quotation service as standard and we’re always on hand to offer advice where needed.

Our portfolio covers a wide range of sectors including factories, warehouses, retail stores, car parks and much more.

We’ve built our business on delivering high-quality work and it’s always at the forefront of everything we do. Our technical capability, experience and understanding are second to none.

Each job is assessed on an individual basis and tailored to your specific needs. If you’re considering undertaking a concrete floor painting job then contact us today and we would be more than happy to help.

  • Epoxy Resin Floor Coatings

As with all paints and coatings, a perfect finish is all in the preparation beforehand. Our team of specialist concrete floor painting contractors use specialist equipment to prepare the concrete initially, and then  the epoxy resin is applied and left to dry.

The colour library we have means we are able to match any colour you require for your floor. Different colours can be used to create sections within your workspace to keep staff safe from vehicles.

  • What Can Epoxy Resin be Used for?

Concrete floors are used within many different buildings and these can all benefit from epoxy resin coatings. An example of these are listed below:

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    • What Our Clients Say

    We had Intercity prep and paint our classic car workshop floor in a hard-wearing epoxy resin paint. We opted for a deep red colour as Intercity could provide almost any finish of our choice. The surface is great for dealing with coolant spillages and oils, and still looks as good as it did the day it was painted all these years on. 


    Peacock Prestige Ltd

    Andy and his team at Intercity managed to squeeze in our HGV workshop over a weekend as it was the only time it wasn’t in constant use. The new grey floor really brings the workshop up to standard and the contrasting yellow markings help distinguish different areas.


    NRS Waste Management

    Having been the same paint since the 1980s, our single-garage floor was starting to look quite tatty. We had Intercity out to freshen the garage up with a new coat of epoxy paint that is much more suitable than the old paint. Now I don’t have to worry about wheeling my toolboxes around on this new durable coating.


    Private Customer

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