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Intercity Contractors specialise in domestic & commercial Shotblasting, providing expert surface preparation services across the UK.

Shot Blasting Coventry:


Our Coventry Workshop provides commercial and domestic customers in the Midlands area with expert shot blasting services for engineering components, vehicle components, manufacturing and agricultural items. Whether singular pieces or high volume component preparation

It also provides shot blasting for domestic clients looking to have the likes of gates & railings, metal fencing, cars, cast-iron furniture and many more items cleaned and shot blasted.

Shot Blasting UK:


Our mobile Industrial Shot Blasting experience is second to none, with our specialists trusted by companies and local authorities across the UK.

Whether our teams are shot blasting bridges, metal framework, machinery, engineering and structural infrastructure, our expertise delivers the best in surface preparation for small to large projects.

Shot Blasting UK:


We offer a mobile shot blasting service for domestic customers requiring surface preparation and coating removal for residential properties prior to painting or paint spraying.

Our specialist teams have been operating out of Central London and the Midlands to provide a national service for over 25 years.

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Industrial Painting Contractors - Services:

Our Services

With over 25 years experience Intercity Contractors specialise in providing onsite shot blasting services (formerly Sand Blasting) for domestic and industry projects across the Midlands & London. We also specialise in industrial painting & protective coatings to protect and treat the newly cleaned surface.

Coventry Workshop

Our workshop based in Coventry caters for both domestic and commercial clients.
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Our shot blasting service is capable of restoring bridges back to their prime condition. Find out more by clicking below.
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Timber Beams

Bring the timber beams on your property back to life with our timber shot blasting service. Find out more by clicking below.
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Basements can often get neglected on both domestic and commercial properties. Our base shot blasting service will help to prevent this.
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Shot blasting is a fast and efficient way of cleaning a brickwork surface to make it look new again.
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Steel Frame

Steel can rust and become unsightly, shot blasting is an effective way of removing this rust and prepare your steel for coating.
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Corten Steel

Corten steel requires specialist treatment and handling, Intercity Contractors are able to clean this type of steel.
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We're able partner with engineering companies to offer our shot blasting services for a production environment.
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What is Shot Blasting?

Shot Blasting, more commonly referred to as Sand Blasting, is an efficient cleaning method commonly used on solid surfaces like metals, stone, timber and more.

It can be used in a wide variety of applications to remove dirt, rust, graffiti, paint coatings and other spoilages. Shot Blasting is ideal for cleaning and refurbishing anything across the industrial, commercial and even domestic sectors. From full buildings to small metal components.

Our Shot Blasting service is one of the most effective methods of removing rust and other unwanted contaminants from metal surfaces, reliably removing coatings from both ferrous and non-ferrous objects.

How Shot Blasting Works

Shot Blasting utilises compressed air to propel abrasive media, known as shot, at high pressure. The abrasive media is fired at the target surface using a specialist nozzle to remove paint and other coatings from a variety of materials.
Common surfaces that are shot blasted include but are not limited to brickwork, timber, steel, iron, wood, concrete, glass, fibreglass and stone.

Our methods are a lot more forgiving to rusty steel, body filler and fibreglass repairs, unlike other cleaning methods like acid dipping, making it ideal for surfaces that may have had repair work in the past.

Our Commitment to

Service Excellence

With over 25 years experience Intercity Contractors specialise in providing onsite shot blasting services (formerly Sand Blasting) for domestic and industry projects across the Greater London area & Midlands.

We also specialise in industrial floor painting, professional carpark painting, industrial painting & spraying and Intumescent/Protecting Painting services.

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Recent Shot Blasting Projects

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Barn Conversion Timber Shot Blasting – Warwickshire

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Buddhist Temple Mobile Shot Blasting – Birmingham

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