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Bridge renovation & restoration – Steel bridge Corrosion, Rust & safe Lead Paint Removal of steel Bridges in London and the UK. Mobile shot blasting services & anti-corrosion spray painting from Intercity Contractors Ltd.

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  • Steel Bridge Restoration

Bridges by their very nature are exposed to the type of conditions that will diminish the bridge’s appearance and / or integrity over time. Our mobile shot blasting London team at Intercity Contractors have over 25 years experience restoring London landmarks and structures of historical significance.

We have worked closely with the UK’s Canal & River Trust over the years, shot blasting and restoring steel bridge structures crossing over London’s, and the rest of the country’s, waterways. We offer services on both pedestrian bridges and vehicle crossing structures.

Protection against corrosion is our speciality at Intercity Contractors. We remove any rust and other unwanted contaminants from steel bridge structures. These include waterway crossings, railway bridges and road crossings. To prevent future corrosion we offer weatherproofing industrial painting services and commercial spray painting.

We always aim to work in an efficiently and timely manor, causing as little disruption to the public as possible. Our equipment is the latest, most eco-friendly possible alternatives, complying with up-to-date Health & Safety as well as looking out for the environment.

  • SA1, SA2, SA2.5 & SA3 Grade Shot Blasting

With over 25 years experience in professional shot blasting, Intercity Contractors are used to working to different grades when shot blasting steel bridges.

SA1 – This grade of shot blasting means any poorly adhering millscale, rust and old paint and foreign matter are removed from the bridge structure. Any well adhered contaminants will remain.

SA2 – This grade of shot blasting means most of the millscale, rust and paint coatings etc. are removed. Any remaining contaminants are very well adhered.

SA2.5 – This grade is the minimum grade wanted for bridge restoration. This means any millscale, rust, paint and foreign matter is removed completely. Any remaining traces are visible only as slight stains or discolouration in the form of spots or stripes.

SA3 – This grade of shot blasting means all millscale and rust etc. is removed, leaving the surface with a uniform white metal appearance. Essentially no shading, stripes, spots or discolouration are left on the surface.

Bridge Renovation / Restoration Services:

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Bridge Shotblasting Services

Bridge Restoration Services

Lead Paint Removal Services

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  • Safe Lead Paint Removal

Many old paint coatings contain traces of lead. This is especially true in old bridges. Intercity offer lead paint testing, sending paint samples from the bridge off to a laboratory we work with to get an accurate lead content level. We can then go about choosing the safest methods of removing the old paint coating.

Lead was added to paint to increase durability and resist moisture, especially on metalwork, hence why we find it so often on old bridges. The modern paints we use today contain no traces of lead but are specifically designed to prevent moisture and corrosion of the steel.

Our team are fully lead trained and have all of the necessary equipment for the safe removal of lead paint. We aim to cause as little disruption as possible whilst keeping the public safe from any lead exposure whilst shot blasting lead paint bridges and structures.

  • Why Choose Us?

Our expert bridge restoration team is based out of Central London and covers the entire city and Greater London area for bridge shot blasting services.

We are specialists in shot & sand blasting, rust removal, safe lead removal, weatherproof paint coatings, anti-corrosion coatings and restoration of listed buildings & structures in London.

We also have a team of operatives in Coventry, West Midlands to serve Birmingham, Leicester and the rest of the West & East Midlands region. Our mobile bridge shot blasting team are on-hand to offer a national shot blasting service in the UK.

Intercity Contractors are bridge restoration specialists who have worked closely with London Borough Councils as well as the Canal & River Trust. No project is too big or small for our skilled shot blasting team.

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    • What Our Clients Say

    “I went to Intercity Coventry to have some car parts for my classic Alpina and my MINI GP shot blasted and painted. I am very happy with the results and can’t wait to get them on the cars!”


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    “Very knowledgeable guys. I had some classic car parts shot blasted and painted in a nice glossy black colour. They look brand new. Thanks.”


    Domestic Customer

    “My gates look amazing. Intercity shot blasted my old gates and made them look new with a lovely paint. Thank you.”


    Domestic Customer

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