Cleaning Cast Iron Furniture with Shot Blasting 

Cleaning cast iron furniture has never been easier. Just book a shot blasting session at our shot blasting facility and we’ll clean your cast iron garden furniture for you. 

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  • How does Shot Blasting Clean Cast Iron Furniture?

Shot blasting is an effective and efficient way to clean cast iron furniture of all sorts. Shooting abrasive material at the cast iron furniture will chip away at the rust, paint and grime that have built up on the furniture.

After enough exposure to the abrasive material the cast iron furniture will be stripped of all rust, whilst leaving a smooth finish that leaves the furniture looking like new, whilst leaving the underlying structure of the furniture undamaged.

As shot blasting doesn’t use any acids or chemicals to clean away the rust from cast iron it is a more environmentally friendly approach to cleaning cast iron than other cleaning methods. We use our shot blasting facility to clean and restore the cast iron furniture back to bare metal.

  • How Can I Book In For Cast Iron Furniture Shot Blasting?

In our Coventry facility, we installed a state-of-the-art blast room in 2022, enabling us to use steel grit to blast clean anything that fits inside. All you need to do is bring your cast iron furniture to our Coventry location.

When you arrive at the facility, you may make use of our self-contained, spacious blast room, where our team specialists will be on hand to operate and adjust the equipment to produce the outcomes you require.

We can provide our services regardless of the weather because our blast room is indoors, which enables us to finish your shot blasting project more quickly and hassle-free than on-site shot blasting. Using an indoor blast chamber also enables us to better safeguard your furniture after it’s been blasted, as the post-blasting period can make iron furniture more susceptible to rust.

Cast Iron Garden Furniture Cleaning Near Coventry

Please get in contact with us if you’re interested in using our cutting-edge blasting room at our Coventry location. We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you and figure out how to fit your cast iron garden furniture to be shot blasted.

  • Why Shot Blast Cast Iron Furniture?

The appearance of cast iron furniture can be enhanced with shot blasting, which also helps fresh coatings or finishes adhere better by leaving a fresh surface for the coatings to adhere to.

During shot blasting, abrasive materials provide a rough surface that makes it easy for paint or other coatings to stick to. As a result, the finish is stronger and longer-lasting, able to endure the elements as well as normal wear and tear.

Shot blasting’s efficiency and affordability in prepping cast iron furniture for refinishing are two of its main advantages. This process is far quicker than alternatives like hand sanding, which may be both labour- and time-intensive. Moreover, shot blasting guarantees a more thorough and consistent removal of impurities, ensuring that any further treatments you do to the surface will have an easier time adhering.

  • What is Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting, also known as sandblasting, is an effective cleaning technique that is frequently used on solid surfaces such as metals, stone, wood, and more.

It can be applied to a wide range of issues, including rust, graffiti, paint coats, and grime. Shot blasting is the best method for cleaning and renovating anything in the commercial, residential, and even industrial sectors. Everything from large structures to tiny metal parts.

Our shot blasting service reliably removes coatings from ferrous and non-ferrous items, making it one of the most efficient ways to remove rust and other undesirable impurities from metal surfaces. The shot blasting London team are also on hand for your blasting requirements in the London area.

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    “I went to Intercity Coventry to have some car parts for my classic Alpina and my MINI GP shot blasted and painted. I am very happy with the results and can’t wait to get them on the cars!”


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    “My gates look amazing. Intercity shot blasted my old gates and made them look new with a lovely paint. Thank you.”


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    Domestic Customer

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