Steam Cleaning & Pressure Washing Services

As well as offering hot & cold pressure washing services, Intercity offer superheated water steam cleaning services such as ThermaTech© and DOFF® cleaning systems in Central London. These services are ideal for the cleaning and restoration of stone, masonry and brickwork.

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  • What is ThermaTech & DOFF Cleaning?

As well as conventional steam cleaners and pressure washers, Intercity also use ThermaTech and DOFF systems for cleaning services. This process is a gentle form of steam cleaning ideal for stone, concrete, masonry & brickwork; ideal for stucco building facades.

ThermaTech and DOFF cleaners are designed to prevent surfaces from any damage, saturation or thermal shock. They use super-heated water, with temperatures of up to 150ᵒC, resulting in high-temperature steam to strip dirt, grime, algae and even paint coatings.

Unlike conventional steam cleaners and pressure washers, we use modular ThermaTech and DOFF cleaning units that are more compact and easier to transport. Ideal for building sites where space is restricted. We have plenty of hoses too, so no job is out of our reach.

  • Advantages of ThermaTech & DOFF Cleaning

Some substances usually require additional chemicals to be removed by conventional pressure washers. Our ThermaTech & DOFF cleaning services usually don’t require any additional chemicals, therefore being a lot friendlier to the environment.

Without the need for any chemicals, our systems can be used for the melting of or removal of things like flexible paint coatings, surface treatments, waxes, oils, bitumen and organic matter. Specifically designed for substrates like concrete, stone and bricks, why would you use anything else?

As well as being better for the actual substrates themselves, our ThermaTech and DOFF cleaning services are also much more efficient than other pressure washing services. We achieve better results in generally less time.

ThermaTech & DOFF Cleaning Services:

ThermaTech Cleaning Services in London

DOFF Cleaning Services in London

Professional Steam Cleaning

Professional Jet Washing

Stone, Brick and Concrete Cleaning

Graffiti Removal Services

ThermaTech & DOFF Cleaners in The Midlands

  • Façade Restoration

We offer regular and Listed building façade restoration services. Ideal for stucco-fronted houses and buildings in Central London and Royal Leamington Spa. Intercity Contractors are based out of Central London and have worked on many Georgian and Victorian Grade I & II Listed properties within the city.

As industrial painting specialists, we offer a start to finish restoration service including safe lead paint removal, ThermaTech cleaning, repairs, masonry painting, shot blasting and weather resistant paint coatings. From the walls to the drain pipes, we specialise in full restoration of stucco facades.

  • Pressure Washing Services

Intercity offer hot and cold water pressure washing alongside our steam cleaning services. Our equipment is transportable so we can arrive on-site ready to start. No water? No problem. We have a transportable water bowser for use on sites that don’t have access to water.

Our equipment isn’t limited to just lances and hoses. We have specialist scrubbing machines for cleaning concrete pavements and block-paving walkways in retail areas, domestic properties and even town centres, having worked with local councils. We are experienced professionals with teams in London and the Midlands.

  • Why Choose Us?

Intercity Contractors are industrial coating specialists operating out of Central London. We boast over 25 years experience and unmatched professionalism within our craft. Cleaning and removal of coatings are some our specialities so be assured you are in safe hands with your steam cleaning and pressure washing needs.

Our team of professionals are always on-hand to help. We believe in delivering the highest possible standards and take great pride in what we do. Each and every project we are a part of will be assessed individually, tailoring our methods to suit the specific requirements. We are confident that our experience, understanding and technical capability cannot be matched.

  • Areas We Serve

We are a company operating out of Central London so we currently serve the entire Greater London area. We also serve surrounding areas such as Surrey, Essex, Hertfordshire, Berkshire and Kent. Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hampshire, East and West Sussex are also areas we serve.

Intercity also have a depot in Coventry in the West Midlands so we offer our full range of services to the entire West Midlands area. This includes the entire Birmingham area as well as the likes of Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Staffordshire.

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