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If you’re looking to clean up any brickwork or stones on your property that have become grimy and unclean, then you can use Doff cleaning to bring new life to your stone and brickwork. 

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  • What is DOFF Cleaning?

DOFF Cleaning is a specialist form of steam and pressure cleaning that can be used to clean stonework and brickwork. Compared to other forms of steam cleaning, DOFF Cleaning allows us to clean your brickworks in a more gentle way, ensuring that there is no damage to the surfaces that are being cleaned. 

  • How Much does DOFF Cleaning Cost?

The costs associated with DOFF Cleaning are varied. Costs are defined by how much work is needed to be completed as part of the job. The most common factors that influence the cost are the size of the surfaces being cleaned, as well as how much grime and dirt has built up on the surface.

DOFF Cleaners Near Me

If you’re looking to get your brickwork or stone walls cleaned around London, our Central London based team are happy to help. Our DOFF cleaning experts cover the Greater London area as well as the surrounding counties.

If you are based in Birmingham, Coventry or the West Midlands, we’ve got you covered. Our team of DOFF cleaning experts are available to provide you a quote for the work that’s needed and to arrange every aspect of your DOFF cleaning project.

  • Can DOFF Clean Brickwork and Stone?

DOFF cleaning is very effective when it comes to cleaning brick and stone. The high temperatures used allow the steam to penetrate deep into the stone and break down the dirt and grime that have built up over time. 

DOFF cleaning is suitable for a variety of different types of brick and stonework such as sandstone, limestone and granite. It can also be used on delicate materials such as terracotta without fear of damaging the surface.

  • What can DOFF Clean?

Our DOFF services are used to clean away a variety of different sorts of grime such as:

  • Removing graffiti
  • Removing stains from animal defecation
  • Getting rid of coatings of paint
  • Get rid of fungus, moss, and bio-matter such as chewing gum
  • Wax coatings
  • General dirt and grime

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    “I went to Intercity Coventry to have some car parts for my classic Alpina and my MINI GP shot blasted and painted. I am very happy with the results and can’t wait to get them on the cars!”


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    “My gates look amazing. Intercity shot blasted my old gates and made them look new with a lovely paint. Thank you.”


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    Domestic Customer

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