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Car Body Shot Blasting

Restore your classic car’s bodywork with shot blast cleaning and give it a new lease of life that will leave your car’s body smoother and cleaner than ever before.

With Three Decades of Shot Blasting Experience - Intercity Won't Let You Down

Classic Car Body Shot Blasting

Car body shot blasting is a process that uses pressurised material to strip paint, rust, and contaminants from a car’s bare metal. It prepares the surface for restoration or repairs by creating a clean, profiled base for optimal paint adhesion.



The Process of Car Body Shot Blasting

Intercity Contractors have been shot blasting classic cars for three decades. In 2022, we set up our top of the range blast room at our Coventry location, which allows us to use steel grit to blast clean anything that fits inside. To take advantage of the blast room, you need to bring your car body (stripped of all parts you don’t want blasted) to our Coventry facility.

Once at the facility you’ll be able to take advantage of our self-contained and spacious blast room, where our team of shot blasting experts will be on hand to use and adjust the specialist equipment to deliver the results you need. We work closely with classic car bodyshops so we are well experienced in stripping and preparing vehicle bodywork for classic car restoration.

As our blast room is indoors, we’re able to offer our services regardless of weather conditions, allowing us to complete your car shot blasting project quicker than our competitors. Using an interior blast room also allows us to better protect your car body as after shot blasting, metals are more vulnerable to rusting, but our weather proof blast room eliminates any chance the weather can cause any rust damage!

What is Car Body Shot Blasting?

Shot blasting (previously known ad Sand Blasting) is a form of mechanical cleaning that can be used to remove rust, paint, and other types of debris from surfaces such as metal, timber, brick and concrete.

Shot Blasting is a very common way to restore vehicle parts such as alloy wheels, and is also commonly used to clean and restore car chassis, including on classic cars.

It is much more efficient than traditional methods of preparing bodywork, such as sanding, and much more forgiving than acid-dipping

How Does Shot Blasting on Cars Work?

Shot blasting is an effective way to strip away paint, rust, and other debris from the surface of your cars empty body shell or chassis (as well as steel and alloy wheels).

By directing a pressured stream of abrasive material at the car body, we remove old paint and surface rust, leaving a clean, profiled surface ready for painting. This is ideal for customers looking to have their car prepared for a bare metal respray, or vehicle bodyshops getting ready to perform a bare metal respray.

To make sure that the car is ready to be shot blasted, make sure you remove all parts that don’t want to be shot blasted, such as drivetrain, lights, glass, bumpers and trim. We’ll then move the car body shell into our self-contained blasting room, where it is secured in place to prevent movement during the blasting process.

Once securely in place we’ll carefully start to shot blast the car body to remove any rust and paint, and to create an even profiled finish. Once blasting is complete, we’ll blow the car down to remove as much dust and debris as possible.

Is Car Shot Blasting For You?

If you’re looking to clean up your car body, or are looking to restore a classic car, then shot blasting is a fantastic way to strip away the build up of rust and grime, and to remove paint.

By firing abrasive material at the car we can strip away everything problematic and leave a smooth even finish which cane be used as the basis for future paint work.

Shot blasting is more forgiving on vehicles that have had filler repairs in the past, unlike acid-dipping which can give devastating results.

Our Commitment to

Service Excellence Since 1997

Our 3 decades plus of experience allows us to offer the very best shot blasting service for our clients. We also cover various different surface types with our shot blasting service including brickwork, concrete, steel, stonework and many more. Your newly cleaned area can then be protected using our coating services as well as offering fire protection with our intumescent coatings.

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