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Intercity Contractors provide an expert range of domestic and commercial mobile paint spraying services throughout the Greater London area. We provide commercial spray painting services on-site for the retail, healthcare, industrial and leisure sectors.

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  • Commercial Spray Painting

Intercity Contractors offer professional commercial paint spraying services in London. Our on-site spray painting team use only the best commercial paint systems for the job. We are experts in the application of commercial paints, weatherproof paints, marine paints and intumescent fire protection.

We have worked across a number of commercial sectors, including retail, industrial, offices, leisure and healthcare. Intercity’s team of experts are fully trained and fully insured. Providing both protective and decorative finishes.

Our fully mobile team utilise the likes of HVLP spray technology, Airless Spray Painting and Air Assisted Airless Spraying. This range of applications allows us to provide flawless coverage on all kinds of internal and external surfaces.

Our portable spray painting gear, fume extraction equipment and hoarding allow us to tackle any size of commercial spray painting job – from small blow in repairs right through to spraying a large cladded building – all to an exceptionally high standard of finish.

  • Why Choose Us?

At Intercity Contractors we take standards very seriously, which is why all of our operatives are fully trained and insured. Our team are experienced at working under extreme conditions, and always adhere to the strict Health & Safety policy we have in place.

Whatever type of substrate you need to protect, call us now to discuss your particular requirements and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote. You can contact us via telephone, email or using our quotation form at the bottom of this page.

We boast over 25 years’ experience in professional Shot Blasting & Industrial Painting services on a national basis. Our portfolio consists of major commercial customers including main vehicle dealerships, London borough councils and luxury department stores to name a few.

Intercity have bases in Central London and the West Midlands. Our shot blasting London team based out of Central London proudly serve the Greater London area and surrounding counties.

Commercial Spray Painting Services:

Decorative Finishes

Protective Coatings

Marine Coatings

Intumescent Fire Coatings

Stone, Brickwork & Masonry Painting

Building Façade Restoration

Steel, Cast Iron & Metalwork Painting

  • How does Spray Painting work?

Intercity Contractors have a wide range of commercial spray painting equipment on-hand. Our mobile paint spraying equipment allows us to set up on-site and start painting. So long as the conditions allow it, we can achieve a factory finish despite being on a building site.

Our airless paint sprayers work by pumping paint at extremely high pressures, through the machine and out of the fine spray gun tip. These tips break up the paint into tiny droplet particles, distributing them evenly onto the surface; achieving a smooth uniform finish.

Our fleet of air-assisted spray painting machines work in a similar way but use compressed air to atomise the paint into a controlled pattern of tiny droplet particles.

We also use HVLP turbine sprayers. These machines use an electric powered turbine to generate the air required to spray. The turbine draws air into the machine which is then transferred through the hose to provide the air needed to atomise the paint.

  • Our Range of Paint Systems

Intercity Contractors specialise in protective coatings. We have access to specialist paint coatings designed for specific uses across all materials. Our team can match almost any colour in our paint systems. Finishes include gloss, satin and matte.

Using hard-wearing paint systems, we are capable of protecting steel from corrosion. These paints can be applied onto clean surfaces, where any corrosion has been removed via the likes of shot blasting, and create a barrier to prevent any further rusting.

Our team are well-experienced in the application of environmental specific paints. These include marine coatings, which are designed to withstand high water and salt exposure. As well as heat-resistant paints, which are designed to withstand exposure to high temperatures.

As part of our Façade Restoration projects, we use breathable masonry paints that allow any moisture to leave the brickwork without getting trapped between the surface and the coating. Any trapped moisture can result in imperfections in the paintwork such as bubble pockets.

  • Spray Painting vs Powder Coating

Powder coating is often the go-to coating system for metal objects. This works well so long as the objects can be removed and transported to a powder coating facility with the necessary ovens. Spray painting (or wet spraying) is a much more convenient method, especially with mobile equipment, as it is self-drying. Structural columns can be professionally protected in place without the need for taking anything away.

At Intercity we have access to an extensive colour library. Our paints have much more colour choice than powder coating. Intercity work closely with Europe’s top paint manufacturers to be able to match almost any shade you desire; something not possible with powder coating. Commercial spray painting also offers a smoother texture, unlike powder coating which can often leave an “orange peel” like finish.

A common misconception is that powder coating is more durable than paints. This is down to the fact that powder is applied very thickly. The protective paint systems we use in our commercial spray painting projects are some of the most durable coatings available. Many of which lasting 10,15 or even 25 years before any maintenance is required. Even longer depending on the conditions.

  • Restoration Services

For smaller items we offer our Collect & Restore service. For commercial customers in London, we take your smaller items back to our facilities in the Midlands to complete. Once complete we return your good to you, fully restored and looking better than ever.

Our Midlands depot has a state of the art shot blasting facility. Here we offer a full restoration service; shot blasting / paint stripping, filling / repairs, paint spraying in a durable primer and then finally in a durable top-coat of your choosing.

On one particular project we had to match an exact shade of off-white to restore hardware from a Grade II Listed London building façade we were restoring as a larger project. We had samples of the original colour sent off to our suppliers to create a new paint in an exact match. This meant we could remove the old paint coating in our shot blasting facility and apply a new, much more durable coating to make them look better than they ever had.

We offer Collect & Restore spray painting services on anything from rustic furniture to cast-iron antiques. For any shot blasting and painting requirements please get in touch via the contact form below.


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