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Restore the facade of your building with the help of our specialist team of commercial facade cleaning and restoration contractors. Available throughout London.

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  • What is Facade Restoration?

Facade restoration refers to the act and process of repairing, cleaning and restoring the exterior surfaces of a building. Facades can be made from a variety of different materials such as  brick, stone and concrete. Over time, facades get covered in dirt and grime and need to be cleaned and restored in order to keep the facade looking clean and tidy.

We have worked closely with restoration specialists to efficiently and correctly restore Grade I and Grade II listed building facades in Central London. We offer full professional restoration services on both commercial and residential properties.

  • How do we restore the Facade of your Building?

In order to clean and restore the facade of your building we can use a variety of different methods. Depending on what’s needed we can use shotblasting, pressure washing, or steam cleaning. Each of these methods require expert contractors to come in and use the equipment to clean and restore the facade of your building, but we will be happy to work with you to design and approach that meets the needs of your building.

We also offer painting services for building facades using specialist paints to protect your facade whilst offering a decorative finish. Our team of commercial painters can help restore your building back to it’s full potential.

Facade Restoration in London

If you’re looking to restore the facade of your London based building, then please make sure to get in touch with us. We’ll happily run through the various options available to you to clean and restore your facade and provide you with a quote for our team of expert facade restoration contractors to come in and complete the job.

  • What is the best way to Clean and Restore your Facade?

Depending on what your facade is made of a different approach to facade restoration may be needed. Certain types of facades that are large enough and made of masonry or brick can be cleaned and restored through using Shot Blasting methods, whilst smaller projects that are made of different materials might make use of pressure cleaning or steam cleaning techniques. Our expert contractors will assess your facade and advise you on what approach is the best one to use for your facade restoration project.

  • Benefits of working with Commercial Facade Restoration Contractors

Facade restoration requires the use of a number of different types of specialist equipment which can be expensive to obtain and very difficult to use. By working with a team of commercial facade restoration specialists you’ll be able to get access not just to the equipment you need to complete the restoration work, but you’ll also have a time of skilled contractors on hand to operate the machinery and complete the job to a high quality.

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    “I went to Intercity Coventry to have some car parts for my classic Alpina and my MINI GP shot blasted and painted. I am very happy with the results and can’t wait to get them on the cars!”


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    “My gates look amazing. Intercity shot blasted my old gates and made them look new with a lovely paint. Thank you.”


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    Domestic Customer

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