Graffiti Removal and Cleaning Services in London

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  • How Do We Remove Graffiti From Your Building?

We pride ourselves at being able to offer a range of different services that can be used to clean away graffiti depending on the requirements of the job. If the job requires it we‘ll send our mobile shot blasting crew to blast the wall with abrasive material, stripping away the graffiti and efficiently cleaning the surface. This not only allows you to clean the graffiti, but it will clean the entire wall of the dirt and grime that’s built up over time.

If that isn’t a feasible option, we also offer steam cleaning services, and pressure washing services which can be used to clean away graffiti effectively and efficiently whilst limiting the use of chemicals that can be hazardous to the environment and people.

  • What Is The Best Way to Remove Graffiti?

The best way to remove graffiti is determined by the type of surface that the graffiti is on. Our team of experts will assess your job and determine which approach is the best suited for your needs, but generally the options are:

Graffiti Removal Services in London

If your shop front, building or facade has been tagged with graffiti and you need to get it removed, and your business is based in the City of London or in Greater London than make sure to get in touch with us and get a quote for our graffiti removal services. We have multiple ways to clean graffiti of your property and are happy to advise on which way is best for your building.

  • Benefits of Hiring Professional Graffiti Removal Cleaners

It can seem like you can just get rid of graffiti with a bit of elbow grease and a few chemicals, but the truth is that it can be extremely hard work as different surface types all respond to graffiti in different ways.  By working with professional graffiti cleaners you can avoid the guesswork of identifying how to get rid of the graffiti, and you can get the job done efficiently and with minimal fuss and effort on your part.

  • How Much Does Hiring Professional Graffiti Removal Cleaners Cost?

We work with our customers to achieve the most efficient method for their budget. Price is usually based on the complexity of the job and how difficult the coatings are to remove.

Intercity Contractors offer a range of professional cleaning services for removing graffiti and can advise you on the best method for your particular graffiti removal needs.

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    • What Our Clients Say

    “I went to Intercity Coventry to have some car parts for my classic Alpina and my MINI GP shot blasted and painted. I am very happy with the results and can’t wait to get them on the cars!”


    Domestic Customer

    “My gates look amazing. Intercity shot blasted my old gates and made them look new with a lovely paint. Thank you.”


    Domestic Customer



    Domestic Customer

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